Kostomera sto internet

A tribute to paradise on earth (according to some) and to all our greek friends.

Ya su.

Lene & Lars

Kostomera is a small willage in the mountains on the Peloponnese, near the west coast at Zacharo. These pictures are taken during a nice visit in February 2000.

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View towards west, over the sea.
view3.jpg View towards west further inland.
view2.jpg View east towards the mountains.
square.jpg The village square. The place for summer celebrations.
well.jpg The new well.
tree.jpg Looking for the name in the old tree.
house.jpg The house of Georgulia.
pig.jpg The pig for the wake.
family1.jpg The Georgulia family, Julia, Yannis, Alexandra, Christo and Aris.
family2.jpg Again...
christo.jpg Christo Georgulia, who was born in Kostomera


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